Cépages is the plural of cépage, the French word for “grape varietal.” Our 2015 Urban Cépages is made up of two; Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We love to drink this wine year-round, but especially during the fall. It’s light-bodied and serves as a great transition wine as the weather gets cooler.

It’s also a food-friendly wine that pairs perfectly with turkey, ham, cranberry dishes and so many other comfort foods on your Thanksgiving menu. It’s fruit-forward with soft tannins and hints of oak from a year of aging in Missouri oak barrels. It has notes of cherry, plum and white pepper and a soft, smooth finish, so it’s an approachable wine that is sure to please a variety of palates. That makes everyone around the dinner table happy! There’s no doubt Urban Cépages is a great wine to include on your holiday menus.

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Production Notes:

Blend: 80% Grenache, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Missouri Oak Barrel Aging: 12 months
ABV: 13.9%
Cases Produced: 99