Last year, we released our first-ever 100% Cinsaut. It was a huge hit and soon became one of our favorites. We released a limited quantity, so it didn’t last long.

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This year, we expanded production and we couldn’t be happier with how the 2015 Cinsaut evolved. It is dark and silky with bold herbal aromas. Flavors of dried fruit and mulling spice make this the perfect wine to curl up with this winter. It shines on our list because its flavor profile is so different than anything else we produce. And we’re excited to announce that it was just awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 Jefferson Cup Invitational! We can’t wait to share it with you this holiday season.

Please join us at the tasting room this weekend for the official release of the 2015 Cinsaut. We’re offering a $3 discount on bottles and a $1 discount on glasses of our newest wine from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11.

About Cinsaut

Cinsaut is a dark-skinned grape that thrives in dry, hot climates. It originated in Southern France, but has gained popularity in the Lodi region of California. Most often, Cinsaut is used in red blends with Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, or it is used to make Rosé. There are only a few wineries who produce a 100% Cinsaut.

Tasting notes

Its deep, dark color gives the impression that this wine will be very full-bodied. However, it is soft with a velvety texture. It is extremely fragrant with aromas of dried herbs and plum. It has bold flavors of dried fig and black currant with delicious mulling spices mid-palate.

Food pairing suggestions

This is a versatile and food-friendly wine that can complement lighter dishes or stand up to richer, heavier courses. Antipasti, grilled vegetables and pork or chicken dishes would all make great pairings. This Cinsaut would also be great to serve with stews or pizza.

Technical notes

100% Cinsaut

Aged 12 months

100% Missouri oak

109 cases produced

ABV: 13.8%